This site is named after one of my favorite passages of scripture.  The Israelites had gone astray and Samuel reminded them that if they would turn their whole hearts back to the Lord and serve Him only, that He would deliver them from the Philistines.  They did so, but when the Philistines had heard that the Israelites were all gathered together, they sought to destroy them.

Samuel beseeched the Lord on behalf of the Israelites and the Lord thundered a great thunder on the Philistines and discomfited them.  The Israelites then gave chase and the Philistines were defeated.  Samuel took a stone and called it Ebenezer, saying, “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us”.

This passage reminds me that God looks out for His people.  His faithfulness was there yesterday, is today, and will remain so in the future.  During some of the most trying times in my life, I have figuratively set my Ebenezer.  I did so with the understanding that the day might be difficult, but the Lord will see me through and will remain faithful to me, as long as my heart is turned wholly unto Him.

May you be blessed by what you read here.

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